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2016 AAR Photos

001-Mike and Stefanie Simpson.jpg
002-top Sue Spissinger, Cindy Pratt, Wendee Levy  bot Chris Whalen, David Levy.jpg
003-On site food preparation - SUNY Plattaburgh cook.jpg
004-Special Anniversary cake.jpg
005-Man in black, woman in green.jpg
006-Peter Jedicke, Diane Jedicke and Gail Zimmer.jpg
007-Matthew Farkas-Dyck, Martha Farkas.jpg
008-David (Doveed) Levy.jpg
009-Doveed & Martha Farkas.jpg
010-Wendee and David Levy, Martha Farkas, Matthew Farkas-Dyck.jpg
011-Wendee & David Levy Looking through Aloutette.jpg
012-Jan Krakora, Wendee and David, Mary Lou West, Mark Zdziarski.jpg
013-Mercy College students.jpg
014-Chuck Wilson, David, Marty Rice, Bob Masterson, Greg Taylor, Carl Jorgensen, Vince Matteo.jpg
015-Martha Farkas and David Levy.jpg
016-Carl Jorgensen and David Levy.jpg
017-Wendee and David Levy in front of their cabin.jpg
018-Gail Zimmer.jpg
019-Proof the snapping turtles do live in the in site pond.jpg
020-Resident porcupine.jpg
021-second session group.jpg
022-Carl Jorgensen and David Levy.jpg
023-Al Boudreau.jpg
024-fisrt session group.jpg
025-We Miss You Doug.jpg
026-first session group on observing field.jpg
027-Play Time.jpg
028-Milky Way 90 sec enhanced 8-2-16.jpg
029-Adirondack Retreat Pond Reflections 8-3-16.jpg
030-Vince, David, Marc.jpg
031-ISS over AAR.jpg
032-Star Trails over AAR.jpg
033-Bob Masterson Golfing.jpg
034-Eyepatches Matthew, Mark, MaryLou.jpg
035-Hiking Group.jpg
036-Martha and Al Boudreau.jpg
037-Martha, Mary Lou, Matthew.jpg
038-Twin Valley sign.jpg
039-David and his map..jpg
040-Rain the first day.jpg
041-Hiking Day Snow Mountain.jpg
042-Al Boudreau talk.jpg
043-Al Bodreau at  scope.jpg
044-Bob Masterson at  scope.jpg
045-The Guys relaxing Greg, Vince, Bob, Marty.jpg
046-Bob M with water bottle labeled ME.jpg
047-Horseshoe Ledge Hike Martha, Greg, David, Marc, Pam, Bob, Mary, Sophie, Patrice.jpg
048-Marty, Vince, Greg, Bob.jpg
049-Bob Wolf setting up scope.jpg
050-Chuck Wilson with scope.jpg
051-Sophie, Marc, David setting up big scope.jpg
052-David doing science.jpg
053-Pam Bell Rosseter Lecture on Looking for Life on Other Planets.jpg
054-David and Pam at the  big scope.jpg
055-Denis and Patrice Quiz night.jpg
056-The infamous red buzzer.jpg
057-David and Patrice Quiz night.jpg
058-Sylvie and Denis with scope.jpg
059-Ed Guenther and Bob Masterson.jpg
060-Vivian and Marc.jpg
061-Guenther family.jpg
062-Wendy and Ed Birthday.jpg
063-Viewing challenge Vivian and Ed.jpg
064-Chet and Wendy at scope.jpg
065-Peter and Diane Jedicke, Gail.jpg
066-Greg on Snow Mountain Hike.jpg
067-Three Amigos Marty, Vince, Greg.jpg
068-Greg with scope.jpg
070-Edward, Kevin and friends.jpg
071-Mary Lou West Lecture Demo.jpg
072-Mary Lou with scope.jpg
073-Mark Z with scope.jpg
074-Jan with scope.jpg
075-Mary Lou, Martha, Mark.jpg
076-Marty and scope.jpg
077-Marty was here chalk markings.jpg
078-Marty leaving his mark.jpg
079-Vince and Marty Noble Poses.jpg
080-Marty with drink.jpg
081-Marty with drink.jpg
082-Martha and Wendee.jpg
083-Gary and Jeff Paulson, Martha, Wendee, David AAR Patches.jpg
084-Gary and Jeff setting up.jpg
086-Patrice talk of Florida winter star party.jpg
087-Drone fun at AAR.jpg
088-Marc Lecture.jpg
089-Sophie Lecture.jpg
090-Patrice BBQing.jpg
091-Marc Dinner Bell.jpg
093-Vince setting up camera for the night.jpg
094-Vince setting up camera for the night.jpg