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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the story behind the Adirondack Astronomy Retreat?

Wendee and I wanted to start an informal observing retreat in the Adirondack mountains that would either precede or follow Stellafane, and allow for a low-pressure, fun observing experience in one of the few dark areas left in the northeastern U.S. The site, Twin Valleys Camp of the State University of New York at Plattsburgh, is rustic and beautiful. David spent three memorable summers there when he was a teenager-- 1964, 1965, and 1966.

2. Does the camp have its own website?

Yes, it's: http://www.plattsburghcas.com/twin-valleys/main.htm

3. How do I get there?

How to get there from Interstate 87:
  • Take Exit 32
  • turn right from Interstate 87S
  • turn left from Interstate 87N.
  • Travel 0.4 miles to a gas station.
  • Turn left onto an asphalt road (you will go by a diner on the left).
  • Travel 1.1 miles and turn left.
  • Bear to the right and travel 2.3 miles pass under Interstate 87.
  • Travel 1.8 miles and turn left.
  • Travel 0.3 miles and turn left and continue on dirt road "Twin Valleys Lane" to Twin Valleys.

4. What are the accommodations like?

Think RUSTIC! There are cabins that offer camper cots, a single light bulb. There are shower and Bathroom facilities are in the main house.

However, if you want to stay in a hotel, Plattsburgh is only about 40 miles away along 87.

5. What is the stay like?

You can find out all the details of your stay in this document (.doc). It gives etiquette rules, describes the amenities, lists what you should bring, all sort of useful stuff to make your stay enjoyable.

6. If I stay in a hotel, are the rates less?

Sorry, no. The rates are mainly to cover our usage of the camp.

7. Why aren't there more lectures scheduled?

Because last year the group felt that that this is a retreat, for rest, relaxation, conversation, and observing. So this year we lightened up on the talk schedule.

8. Are children welcome?

YES! But no baby sitting services.

9. Are pets welcome?

Sorry, no pets by rule of the camp.

10. Will there be a chance to get to know David and Wendee Levy?

That is part of the purpose of this retreat. It is our chance to meet fellow astronomy enthusiasts informally.

11. Is the food good?

The food is catered, and we found it excellent!

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