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Photos from the 2006 retreat
Early Birds
Arriving and settling in. Look what happens when you don't keep the car on the path
Peter and Dianne
Bruce McClure's "quadrant"
"Bruces quadrant" in use
The meals were excellent, served in the main lodge
Group photo
Group photo: Letting go!
Greg, David, and Vince
Bill, David and Bob
Observing field
Rustic accomodations, a typical cabin
View of the main lodge from across the pond
From further afield
The retreat site as seen from Horseshoe Ledge. Hurricane Mountain in background.
Observing field from mountain top
Marge, Steve, and Wendee
Preparing observing evening
Dianne and Peter relaxing and recharging
M27: Photo by Bob Masterson
M51 combined, Photo by Bob Masterson

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