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Photos from the 2014 retreat
Click on the images to magnify or start the slide show
First retreat
Second retreat
Pam and David
Marc and Sophie
Marty recording the observations as it was intended to be
Martha the photographer with Bradley
Telrad class in session with instructor Marc and Sophie and pupil Martha
Horseshoe ledge
David, Pam, Greg
Peter and Doveed
The observing field in the morning
The local cast of?
Chilling before dinner
Mo chillin
Diane and Peter
Reflections on the Adirondack Astronomy Retreat
Joan, Gail and Wendee
Clara, Sophie, Patrice, Marc, Laurie
the Guys
Chet, Wendee, Ed, Doveed, Vivian
Wendee, Doveed
Chuck, Greg, Doveed, Vince
AAR 2014 mission patch
Vince setting up landscape shot
Clara presenting Port-au-Saumon
Marty, Greg, Vince, John, Bob, Willie
David, Pam, Martha hiking
Marty, Pam, David, Clara, Bob, Marc, Sophie, Willie
Denis and his astro-quiz
Bob, Martha
Wendee, Joan, Gail
Vivien, Chet, Marc
Doveed, Martha
John presenting Chile
Telrad observing certificate
Blue heron
Wendee, Laurie
Carl and his forest of telescope
The Paulsons
Peter and Marty
Al and John with AART inside the Cutting Pavilion of the David H. Levy Observatory
Ed, Vivien, Wendy, Chet
Sophie receiving the AAR observing certificate from Al
The Andersons with Wendee and Doveed
Clara, Patrice
Mark presenting the geological history of the moon
John with his homemade refractor
Marty at the observatory
David giving a small biography of his friend Gene Shoemaker
Proof that it's been a wet summer
Patrice, Martha, Mark
John and the sonotube surplus refractor
Mark and Doveed
Marc and Sophie in 3D (red/blue glasses necessary)
David and Martha in 3D (red/blue glasses necessary)
Milky way in the south west
Veil nebula
M42, M43, Horsehead nebula, Flame nebula (John)
North America nebula (John)

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